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Homeschool Curriculum - How Do I Choose?

by: Heidi Johnson
Homeschool Curriculum - How Do I Choose?

The availability of home school curriculum can be a blessing and a curse. There are many books and programs to choose from, but trying to choose can be quite overwhelming. There are a few basic thoughts you need to look into to try to help keep you from getting too frustrated in trying to choose what you will use.

1. Consider learning style - Look at how you and your child learn best. Do they like workbooks, creating notebooks, acting out a story. Knowing yours and your child’s learning style can help reduce the amount of “wrong” curriculum that you purchase. If you have a clear picture of how everyone in your home learns best, then you can choose books or curriculum accordingly. This can save money and frustration in the long run.
2. Look at many types of curriculum - This can be overwhelming too, but if you go into it just browsing you can gain a lot of knowledge about what is available to you. You can go to home school conventions, used curriculum fairs or have the curriculum sent to you by using “Curriculum Fair in a Box.” A variety of sample curriculum is sent to you and you can browse over it in the comfort of your own home in your own time.

3. Plan Ahead - Think about what you want your child to learn or know at the beginning of a school year. Or better yet, if pray and ask God to guide you in what He thinks your child should learn this year. You can take a sheet of paper and list subjects across the top and the names of your children along the side. As you are looking at or thinking about what your child needs, you can jot that down in the proper column for each child. You might have many items under each subject for each child. Once you have written down all your options, then you can circle those that you feel are most important. Then when you go to look at books or resources to use, you will have narrowed down what you need to look for.

Choosing books, curriculum, and resources to use in a school year doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. If you know how your child learns best, know what is available, and focus on what you want to accomplish for that year you can save yourself quite a bit of frustration.

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