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English Article > in How Do You Do PhD Programs In Clinical Social Work?

by: Francisco Segura
English Article > If you have your graduate study completed, you can take up your PhD programs in Clinical social work either online or off line. Most of the off line universities have online presence too. Social work is a common subject for doing PhD programs. However, you will find PhD programs in clinical social work is not really so rare either. If you want to such a program check out the following checklist to make sure you are eligible to do the program.

1. Doctor in philosophy can be done after any graduate school study in a related area. Normally, the PhD programs in Clinical social work are 120 course works to be completed. The basic eligibility criterion is to have a Master's degree from any graduate school of social work or in a closely related field.

2. An exceptional performance record is needed in the graduate school as well. The normally expected level of performance is 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

3. Two years or 3000 hours of clinical practice after the graduation. This practice should have been full time and fully supervised performance of the candidate.

4. Good mastery over written and spoken English.

5. A practicing license should be available to the person in the appropriate state as per law.

6. Personal therapy experience is preferred though not a must for applying.

If you fit into these eligibility conditions for PhD programs in clinical social work, the person need to take care of his financial expenses for the program. Of course, the above listed requirements are standard and most of the institutes do look for a similar eligibility conditions. There could be minor changes between the institutes and their eligibility criteria. Similarly, if you are better qualified, then the universities also offer you a financial discount. Ask for financial aid for PhD programs in clinical social work and in most cases if it is an on-campus program then the universities normally offer teaching and research assistantship in addition to the option to practice in the University hospital. It is also possible that there could be fee waiver depending upon your eligibility for the same. The fee waiver eligibility varies with universities and their own choice to society.

You would find that all these conditions once fulfilled you would be able to complete the PhD programs in clinical social work without much issue. Some of the universities and institutes affiliated to these universities also offer distance program using online teaching methods. There are a number of reasons why online PhD programs in clinical social work is preferred. They have the distinct advantage of working asynchronously. You can work at your own pace and time. This makes it all the more attractive. Secondly, when the PhD programs in clinical social work come over the net, it becomes cheaper. Content delivery in some of the cases is done during contact sessions conducted on campus.

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